How To Build Muscle As A Skinny Guy

BY DEAN PHILLIPS March 17th, 2016

The Unconventional Approach To Building Muscle As A Skinny Guy

Why is it that women drool over guys like Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt and Ryan Kwantan?

Yet skinny guys are left on the sidelines, barely getting a second look.

I’ll give you a hint:

It’s not because they're born with good looks (or even great genetics) - although they’re considered, good looking dudes.

It’s not the fact that they play attractive characters onscreen (you know the heart throbs, or the unconventional broken soul - heck, Kwanten plays a pretty idiotic character, as Jason Stackhouse in True Blood)

They’re no Hank Moody that’s for sure.

And it’s far from the fact that they’re celebrities (although the average dude and magazines on the shelf would lead you to believe that’s the case)

Fact is:

All three of them have something in common with one another, something that’s based on scientific evidence, and almost black magic trickery *

Every day we’re told how to build muscle as a skinny guy…

Deadlift. Squat. Bench Press.

You’ve most likely heard it a million times.

It sounds simple, and if you’re anything like I was then you’ve busted your ass off in the gym, trying to build muscle using the big lifts, and bodybuilding splits. - Typically what’s seen in the fitness magazines.

Am I right?

Believe it or not, but building muscle doesn’t have to be that way.

I wanna show you a way that is much better. But goes against what you might have heard before...

Let me give you a glimpse at what that looks like... It won’t cost you anything other than your time and attention for a few minutes.

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And I'll let you in on a framework (seen above) that will reframe how you think of building muscle as a skinny guy…

And obviously a whole lot more :)

If this sounds interesting to you, or you think seeing how I train skinny guys to build the Hollywood look fast, would be powerful, then just click the button below and enter your email address.

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